This is my stage.

For once, let me make my own call.

"I am gone and am not coming back, but I remember everything."
Keith Donohue, The Stolen Child (via quoted-books)
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"There are many answers, none of them right, but some of them most definitely wrong."
Rafael Sabatini, Scaramouche (via quoted-books)
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"…for though she was ordinary, she possessed health, wit, courage, charm, and cheerfulness. But because she was not beautiful, no one ever seemed to notice these other qualities, which is so often the way of the world."
M.M. Kaye, The Ordinary Princess (via quoted-books)
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"There’s stories and then there’s stories. The ones with any worth change your life forever, perhaps only in a small way, but once you’ve heard them, they are forever a part of you. You nurture them and pass them on, and the giving only makes you feel better. The others are just words on a page."
Charles de Lint, Dreams Underfoot (via quoted-books)
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"How to forgive the world for its beauty, which merely disguises its ugliness; for its gentleness, which merely cloaks its cruelty; for its illusion of continuity, seamlessly, as the night follows the day, so to speak- whereas in reality life is a series of brutal raptures, falling upon your defenseless hands, like the blows of a woodman’s axe?"
Salmon Rushdie, The Moor’s Last Sigh (via quoted-books)
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"But grief makes a monster out of us sometimes … and sometimes you say and do things to the people you love that you can’t forgive yourself for."
Melina Marchetta, On the Jellicoe Road (via quoted-books)
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"I ask for nothing.
In return I give All.
There is no earning my Love.
No work needed, no effort
Save to listen to what is already heard,
To see what is already seen.
To know what is already known.
Do I seem to ask too little?
Would you give although I ask not?
Then this you can give me and I will accept.
I will take your heart.
You will find it waiting for you
When you return."
Ki Longfellow, Flow Down Like Silver: Hypatia of Alexandria (via quoted-books)
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"I follow, always, because it’s the only time when our hearts beat in perfect harmony, the only time when I’m certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are one person broken in two."
Jackson Pearce, Sisters Red (via quoted-books)
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"God grant me to SERENITY to accept what I cannot change the TENACITY to change what I may and the GOOD LUCK not to fuck up too often."
Stephen King, Salem’s Lot (via quoted-books)
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"Some people you meet and they’re your friend for a day. Some you meet and you never really know at all. And then there are those who get caught inside your soul and stay there forever."
Melanie Ramone, After Forever Ends (via quoted-books)
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